Join “the master of the modern short game” James Sieckmann at his only open registration golf school in the United States, for two full days of personalized instruction!


Next session: Nov 11th - 13th, 2022

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Everything You Need To Master The Short Game

Now offering a series of online videos that teaches you how to hit your wedges like the best on the PGA Tour.

Your Short Game Solution

Matthew Tipper, European and Asian Tour Coach for James Sieckmann

James has instructed more than 80 PGA & LPGA tour pros.
He is a nine-time PGA Section Teacher Of The Year.

"Tour's hottest short-game guru" - Golf Magazine, July 2013

Your Putting Solution

A Tour-Proven Approach to Mastering the Greens
by James Sieckmann

Your Short Game Solution

Mastering the Finesse Game from 120 Yards and In
by James Sieckmann

Cool Under Pressure

How The World’s Best Golfers Win The Game Within
by Dr. R. K. Stutman, James Sieckmann

Golf Tips

James Sieckmann Awarded 2018 PGA of America National Teacher of the Year

Corporate Golf Events & Lessons

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To schedule a lesson, or create your Corporate Golf Event, call James directly at The Golf Academy at Shadow Ridge (402) 333-1100 or complete the form.



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